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The people of Positive Minds are accomplished experts in consulting and implementing cloud-based solutions.

Our long-standing expertise in various SaaS technologies – particularly in the field of e-commerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud – allows us to offer tailored solutions to our clients and to implement these swiftly and professionally.

Provide ideas, steer the course and help everyone in the team to get better and better: The last 20 years in e-commerce and retail have been great but the best is still to come.

Restless in mind and calm in execution – we always have a chance to outpace. We just need to change lanes and best way of doing it is together, as we are the Positive Minds.


Managing Director

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As lover of a good BBQ, Thomas is a success-oriented, pragmatic team lead and software architect who tends to solve problems better now than tomorrow.

He’s been an expert in data and interface analysis for Salesforce Commerce Cloud for more than 12 years and his mission is to drive sustainable growth for the customer.

“There are no problems, there are only solutions”

Managing Partner, Senior Solution Architect

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Continuously exploring & prototyping new ideas, Marco is addicted to the evolution of modern UI & frontend development, putting the main focus on web performance.

His passion & profession in Salesforce Commerce Cloud projects were the engine that brought international e-commerce clients to success over the last 7 years.

While sketching ideas or bringing web designs to life you will regularly find that music lover with his headphones on.


Solution Engineer

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René helps our clients achieve their brand vision in e-commerce universe through strategic advice and streamlined project management.

More than 14 years of Salesforce Commerce Cloud project lead experience trained him to bring successfully client stories to the digital world.

“Recognizing the problem is more important than to recognize the solution, as the the exact representation of the problem leads to the solution“.

Solution Consultant,
Project Manager,
HR Management

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Born and raised in Argentina, Matias has already spent enough time in Germany to love a well prepared “Hackepeter”.

As a solution consultant, he brings to the table a set of hard and soft skills, as well as vast hands-on e-commerce experience.

Overall, he’s a team player and strives to enjoy every day at the office, helping and asking for help when needed.


Solution Architect

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With more than 20 years of experience in software development, Jens solves even the trickiest problems.

He steadily hunts for the latest coding trends and state-of-the-art solutions.

His passion is about the quality of our code and the constant further development of tools and processes.


Solution Engineer

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Always close to be business and the requirements of the customer, Thomas finds the most solid solutions and the most scalable architecture.

With almost 20 years of hands-on project experience he always thinks one step ahead, plans and leads through projects, controls their quality as well as a successful rollout. He always keeps an eye on the most important features, because:

“Buyers have a growing larger expectation on services offered by retailers and brands.”

Senior Solution Consultant, Managing Partner
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A PMP with 11 years of experience as a Senior Project and Program Manager.

His projects are managed in a proactive and solution-oriented manner, with a strong focus on efficiency and process improvements. Self-motivated and reliable, Ivan has mastered the skill of identifying opportunities and leveraging them to the benefit of the organization.

With his professionalism he leads projects to the desired strategic and project goals.
Project & Program Manager
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With analytical scientific skills and experience with different development technologies for backend integrations and software, he creates suitable architectures for e-commerce solutions with care and sustainability.
Not only the development, but the management of different international SFCC projects distinguishes him. As a certified Demandware Architect and SFCC Developer, he always finds the optimal solutions for his project challenges through his diverse experiences.
As a keen guitarist involved in multiple bands, he maintains a healthy work/life balance.
Solution Architect

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Torsten enjoys challenges and backend development with different technologies.
His experience as a developer over the last 6 years is an incentive for the realisation of the international Salesforce Commerce Cloud projects. The many technical skills show his flexibility and creativity in the solutions for the new and challenging NewStore projects.
“I’m personally convinced that computer science has a lot in common with physics. Both are about how the world works at a rather fundamental level. The difference, of course, is that while in physics you’re supposed to figure out how the world is made up, in computer science you create the world.”
Solution Engineer

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With a background in Interaction Design and over 10 years of experience in Software Development, including 5 years in e-commerce as a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer, he cares about implementing sustainable code using the latest solutions.

Originally from Vancouver Canada he moved to Berlin Germany in 2017 with a twin passion of joining the tech scene there and touring the museums and historical locations of Europe.

Solution Engineer

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