Success Story: Natsana

Customer 360 and System Integration

Nutritional supplements redefined. Natsana combines three of the most successful and fastest-growing German brands in the booming sector of natural nutritional supplements under one roof.


Natural Elements, Nature Love, Feel Natural


Retail, Food Supplements


Natsana primarily sells products in drugstores and online marketplaces, and has recognized the enormous potential in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) business through its own online shops early on.

Challenges included establishing its own customer service, as well as effectively acquiring new customers and implementing a targeted marketing approach with a 360-degree view of the customers and focused customer journeys.


Through our experience with leading platforms like Salesforce and Mulesoft, Positive Minds was able to provide technical and functional guidance to Natsana in further developing an existing solution and expanding it. To ensure the best service and advice for the multi-cloud setup, we collaborate in a mutually beneficial partnership with another Salesforce service provider (see below).

In particular, the online shop solution was further developed by Positive Minds in both frontend and backend, and extended with numerous features and integrations. Additionally, we specified and implemented backend integrations of Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as well as Salesforce Service, Commerce and Marketing Cloud.


The solution enables Natsana to collect all customer interactions in Salesforce and use them as the basis for targeted customer journeys and promotions via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or in the online shop.

The flexibility in integrating new components via Mulesoft into the system landscape also allows for quick responses to changes and growth opportunities.

Thanks to improved data capture and utilization Natsana is able to understand customers more accurately, make informed decisions, and provide personalized offers that precisely meet their customers’ needs.

Highlights and Solutions

  • 360 Customer view combining Salesforce Cloud products in real-time
  • Implementation of features and ongoing enhancements
  • Integration of backend landscape (PIM, ERP, Salesforce Clouds) through Mulesoft
  • Collaboration in a mutually beneficial partnership with Artemis Innovations GmbH to provide best-in-class consulting for Multi-Cloud solutions
  • Technical consulting

About Natsana

Natsana combines three of the most successful and fastest-growing German brands in the field of dietary supplements under one roof with Nature Love, Feel Natural, and natural elements. Natsana focuses on simply good products, free from unnecessary additives and without a lot of bells and whistles. This is how, and no other way, Natsana supports millions of customers in living more consciously.

Natsana distributes products through major drugstore chains, marketplaces like Amazon, and its own online shops (D2C). The company has more than 100 employees.

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