360 Retail

Understanding Retail – Unterstanding Commerce
Understanding to combine Retail and Commerce

360 Customer Journey

In order to achieve a consistent and unique customer journey a business has to take a full 360 degree view of all customer touch points. Every one of them requires continual optimization while maintaining overall harmony. Be mindful of dependencies between your different channels and don‘t lose sight of the overall goal as you are seamlessly integrating your processes.

Stay as flexible as possible with your business, ensure efficient usage of your resources and make your channels uniquely your own. There are always risks and unknowns. But finding a solution that truly fits your business should always be the preferred option.

Optimising a "360 Retail" Scenario

What happens when unsold stock is piling up in your brick-and-mortar stores, when seasonal products are not being moved fast enough or your staff is not occupied during lulls in customer traffic? And imagine for a moment the same brand is doing so well online that orders cannot be fulfilled in DC due to limited capacities.

In theory, it should be simple: each associate in your store could extend your online capabilities by managing in-store stock, commissioning orders and packing goods. To achieve this, she would need a system offering her real time access to stock levels for all stores and intelligent cross-store order routing. Your customers would need to see the relevant availability and available-to-promise (ATP) levels, whether accessing your catalog online or from an in-store kiosk.

If you have a robust system providing these services, you can concentrate your core business processes. In a nutshell, you are freed to focus what you do best – selling.

Extend Distribution with Fulfillment in Store

To achieve this, many issues need to be dealt with: product management needs to be optimized, product and stock data aggregated and information published to all appropriate channels. Order routing should be powerful yet flexible, so your OMS can find the most promising route for a specific order to be fulfilled.

Ideally, you determine what you want to sell and when. Your processes improve, as store staff is occupied efficiently. Customers get better service with click and collect or lighting fast shipment from the closest store. Thanks to the 360° Commerce system, your business scales by simply providing your sales staff with iPhones, empowering them to handle a broad range of customer requests.

There are, of course, some additional prerequisites: staff must be familiarized with order preparation and packing, and suitable logistics partners contracted to handle shipment and delivery processes.

This is how Positive Minds gets you closer and faster to your customers who are able to place their orders from anywhere and allows your business to deliver from anywhere.

Decentralised Fulfillment (with Newstore)

  • Inventory across all DC and store locations (Enterprise Inventory)
  • Product availability and ATP
  • Full selection of delivery options in online shop including same day delivery
  • Order routing and fulfillment from our store locations including pick up from store
  • In-Store-Fulfillment – processing orders in store instead of DC

Omnichannel Platform (Newstore) and Integration

  • Clienteling and personalised shopping experience
  • mPOS – mobile checkout in store with all common payment methods
  • Integration into your existing system landscape
  • Enterprise real-time-inventory in store and in online shop
  • Endless Aisle, Click-and-Collect and Ship-from-Store
  • All store operation tasks simply controlled from an iPhone

Survival of the Innovative

Are you wondering whether you are making full use of all the opportunities in omnichannel and whether you are using the full potential of your sales channels? Especially in difficult times, everyone wants to be more flexible and we all know that the business will continue to work as long as we can sell. One answer can be to better coordinate the sales processes offline and online, for example to sell items from the store straightaway online. We would like to help you to focus on the right possibilities and we want to offer you the right advice. Read more in the latest NewStore Story or ask us for further advice.


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