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Omnichannel meets System Integration

Whether it’s ERP, CRM, e-commerce, order management, warehouse management, or point of sale – every great software system can only leverage its strengths based on accurate data. In an omnichannel system landscape, it is therefore necessary to exchange data in real-time and keep it up-to-date.

Using an integration layer or middleware such as MuleSoft or Amazon Web Services (AWS) is highly recommended for system integration. This avoids costly modifications in the source and target systems and offers further benefits such as:

  • efficient data processing and transformation,
  • improved interoperability of heterogeneous systems,
  • the ability to aggregate data,
  • centralized operational monitoring and management,
  • flexibility and scalability,
  • security and compliance,
  • and ultimately, the associated cost savings.

We offer two different technological platforms and approaches to implement the Omnichannel integration layer that best supports your company’s strategy and goals.

Efficient Integration with Mulesoft

  • Pre-built API connectors and accelerators for many systems available via Anypoint Exchange
  • Easy setup and deployment of a company-wide API landscape and encapsulation of internal (legacy) systems
  • Data aggregation for all kind of “headless” applications via Experience APIs
  • Management of the full API lifecycle including prototyping, specification, mocks, versioning, and more
  • Standardized development approach and integrated framework for unit tests
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Success with AWS

  • Lightweight integration approach utilizing AWS infrastructure
  • Robust development standards for integrations using various Amazon services (SQS, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, CloudWatch, and others)
  • Customizable and endless extensibility through the use of additional AWS technologies as required
  • Proven architectural best practices provided by Positive Minds for development, deployment, unit testing, and monitoring for all types of integrations
  • Low hosting and licensing cost (SaaS)

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