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Rethink Omnichannel

The core of an omnichannel strategy is the efficient management of orders. Regardless of which channel they come from, the end customer demands fast and transparent delivery, as well as easy options for inquiries or returns. The entire customer and brand experience must always be placed on top.

For retailers, this requires the use of a solution that largely automates business processes, offers endless integration and extension possibilities, and is easy to operate and monitor. Discover our comprehensive solutions for efficient order management that will take your business to the next level.

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Our Services

  • Customized consulting to analyze your current order management processes and identify optimization potentials based on your business goals
  • Implementation of order management processes based on our partner products, integration in your system landscape and rollout in your organization 
  • Continuous improvements and support after rollout and ensure that your solution can keep pace with your company’s evolving requirements

Next Generation Order Management

  • Seamless integration and optimization of online and offline commerce with our partner products
  • Integration of all sales channels such as POS, online shop, call center, or marketplaces
  • Order routing for efficient fulfillment from distribution centers, stores, drop shipments, etc.
  • Inventory management and overview across all locations
  • Real-time availability of items in channels, as well as various pickup and shipping options
  • Omnichannel management through optimal data foundation and dashboards
  • Returns management


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