Newstore Connector for Mulesoft

Easy integration of NewStore to any system…
…with our pre-built MuleSoft connector

Integration of NewStore via MuleSoft

Introducing the NewStore Connector, your gateway to effortless integration with MuleSoft and your IT landscape. Seamlessly blend NewStore functionalities into your existing workflows and system architecture with ease. Easily handle integration events, master data, orders, catalogs, inventories, fulfillment, and more.

Our connector empowers you with direct access to the NewStore REST API, offering a wide array of operations to streamline communication with backend systems and seamlessly process events from the NewStore event stream.

Experience unparalleled control over your connection to NewStore with our comprehensive management capabilities. With full management support for your NewStore connection and access to DataSense for all operations, you can optimize your integration processes and drive maximum efficiency.

Say goodbye to integration headaches and welcome a new era of seamless connectivity between NewStore and MuleSoft and your IT landscape.

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Features and Common Use Cases

  • Integrate events with third-party systems or any cloud provider file storage, and the streamed events
  • Route events to the correct business flows based on their type
  • Inject and retrieve orders to/from NewStore, manage returns and fulfillment requests
  • Manage transfers, receive, count and adjust stock of your products in your stores
  • Request ATP (Available To Promise) globally or from fulfillment location groups, as well manage your fulfillment location groups
  • Manage stores, catalogs, stock and prices of your products
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