We are Positive Minds

We help our clients to finally create the ultimate shopping experience by enabling their shoppers to flawlessly find the right product, the right fit and make the purchase.

Rethink Omnichannel

We are a young enthusiastic startup team dedicated to building first class customer experiences for all digital touchpoints: online or in-store and connected from anywhere.

With numerous years of experience in building cloud based shopping platforms we are specialized in helping big names realize the full potential of their B2C retail business – by turning it into an omnichannel environment.

Want to run your store on an iPhone?

The ground breaking NewStore platform combines the ease of using an iPhone with real-time data from your back-end. You can make every retail interaction a smashing and tempting experience for both your customers and staff. Create more incentive for everyone involved in the purchase process! Read more about 360 Retail.

You want to grow further with e-commerce?

Whether on the go or from home - shopping experiences outside the store have become a matter of course. But the steady growth of e-commerce is nowhere near complete. The field is evolving, and players must adapt and improve to stay one step ahead of the competition. This means rethinking existing concepts and continuously optimizing well-functioning elements. Read more about our Services.

Need a reliable source of product data?

No matter how beautiful a customer facing app is, it will never be meaningful without proper data. You’ve probably seen it all: text files, spreadsheets and home brewed data management tools. The only robust solution is a Product Information Management tool that provides a single source of truth for all of your product data. Read more about our Services.

Consultancy is our passion. We don‘t only design, but also build and deliver best-in-class solutions. By partnering with leading cloud platform providers, we realize bespoke solutions that fully satisfy our client‘s needs and requirements. Let us help you achieve your company‘s full growth potential. Find out more about our partner network.